Wicomico County students install rooftop garden to help improve urban environment

SALISBURY, Md. – On Sunday, two Wicomico County students created a rooftop garden at the Roadie Joe’s Bar & Grill.

They say the goal is to help protect the environment.

Sarah Forrestal from Wicomico High School and Anna Smith from Parkside High School say plans for this rooftop garden flourished after they won a grant at the Youth Environmental Action Summit.

The two installed five planters with plants that do not require regular maintenance. According to Forrestal, this garden will help keep the area cool when it’s hot as well as offer some other benefits.

“It’s really good for the environment because it reduces stormwater runoff, there’s better insulation,” said Forrestal, “There are tons of really good effects from it.”

“As the climate is changing all around the world I think it’s important to start locally when you’re combating that,” said Smith.

Smith says they are planning to host a celebration for their achievement in Salisbury next month.

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