‘The Social Dilemma’ highlights harmful impacts of social media

SALISBURY, Md. – There has been a lot of talk on social media about one new documentary that talks about just that: social media.

It’s on Netflix and it’s called the Social Dilemma. The documentary talks about how much of our lives are consumed by Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms and how those platforms negatively impact our lives, especially children and teens.

Doctor Kathy Seifert, a local psychologist, says kids can easily become really involved with social media, and it can become a problem when they’re spending more time staring at a screen than they are interacting with humans.

“When it becomes problematic is when it takes the place of other activities where you’re interacting with other children, teenagers, adults, and not doing other things, not getting exercise, not going out,” she said.

Dr. Seifert says parents should monitor how much time their kids are spending on social media and also monitor what sites they’re going on. She says it’s also important to have conversations with children and teens about what feelings they’re getting from social media and making sure they understand that often times, it’s not portraying real life.

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