MD couple under fire for alleged online scams asking for money

OCEAN CITY, Md. – In the middle of a global pandemic, it’s not uncommon to hear of more people struggling to make ends meet.
And now, some people are turning to social media for help.

“Everybody wants to help each other out in anyway that they can,” said Kristine Keener, a member of the Ocean City Maryland Unfiltered Facebook group.

But before you go to grab your wallet, officials say to look for any signs that may warn you that the post you’re seeing is a scam.
Posts like these that members of the Ocean City Maryland Unfiltered page have seen time and time again:

“‘Hey everyone I’m so embarrassed to be posting this but I am at a loss for ideas and I don’t know what to do. Due to so much hardship there isn’t much available in the help we need. I’m at my wits end and I honestly don’t know where to turn for help,'” read another member of the Ocean City Maryland Unfiltered Facebook group Tammy Amberger-Voyles.

According to the Ocean City Police Department, they’ve been getting multiple calls about this husband and wife duo posting in dozens of OC Facebook groups asking for food, money, or a place to stay. But when some offered to help by buying a meal or offering them a job, this was the response they got: 

“He wanted the money the way he wanted it and he wanted it to be sent a certain way,” said Keener.

“I said look, this is what I’ll do. You pick the restaurant and I will buy y’all food. I’m not giving you money, I’m not giving you a gift card,” said Amberger-Voyles.

And if they weren’t getting any bites?

“After a while the post with them would be deleted and he would kind of pop up on a page but then it would be a completely different story about why they needed money and the wife would be posting,” said Keener.

Which is why members are now speaking up, warning others to proceed with caution if you see posts like these or any other.

I think that there is an increase in these scammers because they’re kind of praying on people that want to help in anyway that they can,” said Keener.

They add that if you aren’t sure whether or not someone’s is legitimate or not, ask questions, and always follow your gut instincts.


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