Food Bank of Delaware’s holiday food drive goes virtual

DELAWARE – Leaders at the Food Bank of Delaware are trying to feed tens of thousands of people this holiday season, but they need your help to do so.

The Food Bank is hosting their first ever virtual holiday food drive. Here’s how it works: people can log onto the food drive’s website and “shop” for items, add them to their cart, and then donate the monetary equivalent to the food bank. Then, with those financial donations, leaders at the food bank can go get the actual food that they need.

Kim Turner, with the food bank, says the pandemic has made demand for food go up and so this food drive is imperative.

“With the pandemic, we anticipate that we will have an additional 50,000 food insecure Delawareans. Prior to the pandemic there were over 121,000 food insecure Delawareans, so demand for our services have nearly doubled since March,” Turner said.

Again, a link to that food drive can be found on the food bank’s website. It runs through the holiday season.

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