Democratic nominee for the Congressional 1st District talks about her campaign and what she would bring to the table if elected

MARYLAND- The Democratic nominee for the Congressional first district is Mia mason.

A 20-year military veteran who served in the Navy, Army, and DC National Guard and is now gearing up to take on incumbent Andy Harris by running on a platform that partially focuses on restoring equity and equality in our communities.

“It’s absolutely needed, we are being discriminated upon by this administration since day one, and in constant legal battles continuously, so to make sure that we restore the equity and equality is means that we protect the civil rights act,” Mason said.

And she feels her life experiences can help her relate to the people to get that mission accomplished.

“As a member of the LGBT community, I completely understand what discrimination looks like,” Mason said.

“Having faced the discrimination, and wanting to restore the equity and equality led into a big hardship because I was discharged from the military, it was very hard for me to get through that time,” Mason said.

Mason also told 47ABC she has some other big goals in mind if elected.

“The ERE, getting that passed, getting our budget fixed, making sure our environment is protected,” Mason said.

She said that when it comes to the Eastern Shore, in particular,  she wants to make sure family owned farms can get access to bids to grow things like hemp.

Which she said will give them another tool to use since they’ve been hurt by tariffs and bad trade deals.

“So to make sure they have a new product that they can sell and create jobs, create manufacturing places for this product, is exactly what our communities need,” Mason said.

On top of that though, the congressional candidate told 47 ABC she wants to be the voice for the people, and overall wants to make sure people know it’s not about gender, identity, or qualifications- its strictly about the policies that will help the people.

“They need somebody who’s going to vote yes for them, to support them in the CARES Act, the Heroes Act, and they’re just not getting that from our current representative,” Mason said.

Mason added that she wants to do more continual outreach with the Governor, our state, and senate legislators, so that Congress can help the community on a more direct level.

Also, Mason explains that COVID- 19 has added more struggles for families, so she said she wants to help those communities and that may include her working to pass universal basic income.

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