Cadet EMT awarded for starting Narcan training at Parkside High School

SALISBURY, Md. – A Parkside High School senior is being recognized for creating a Narcan training program for his teachers. Seth Tayman is a cadet EMT for the Salisbury Fire Department.

Tayman is being awarded with the “Right Care When It Counts” award from Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services System. “I wasn’t really expecting any kind of recognition for it. It was just a need that I recognized in the community and something that I wanted to act on because not many people at my school really were educated on it. I really wanted to educate people on it,” said Tayman.

Tayman set up classes for Parkside teachers where the Wicomico County Health Department comes to teach them how to recognize an opioid overdose and administer Narcan. He says he wanted to help his community be better prepared for overdose situations. “We’ve had a couple of calls where we’ve gone out into the community and seen the effects of opioid overdoses on the community. I saw the lack of preparedness that our community had for those types of situations. So, I really wanted to be able to educate people in our community on how to handle those kinds of situations,” said Tayman.

Right now, the program is only being held at Parkside. But Tayman says that he hopes to see it expand to schools across Wicomico County. He says he’s grateful for the health department’s help in setting up the program – and for the fire department providing a great place for him to start his fire fighting career.

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