Acting Mayor Julia Glanz reflects on 2020 in Salisbury with State of the City address

SALISBURY, Md. – During Tuesday’s State of the City address, Acting Mayor Julia Glanz discussed how 2020 has been nothing short of unique and challenging for the city of Salisbury. Those challenges include the changing landscape of Main Street as business staples like Kuhns Jewelry and Downtown Bridal moved out, and new ones moved in. “As the downtown evolves into who we want to be as we continue to revitalize, I think there are just some businesses that aren’t going to align with that vision perhaps,” said Acting Mayor Julia Glanz.

Along with that, Acting Mayor Glanz says that one of the bigger challenges Salisbury faces in the future is rebounding from the financial hit that COVID-19 created. “This year and the next couple of years it’s going to be a challenge fiscally. We’re going to have to make some tougher decisions at budget time. We have been good stewards of the tax payer dollars,” said Acting Mayor Glanz.

Despite that, Acting Mayor Glanz says that overall she’s proud of how the city is managing to get through 2020. “We’re not stopping. We’re continuing to come together to grow with one another and to support one another. I don’t think that’s happening in every community,” said Acting Mayor Glanz.

Acting Mayor Glanz says that before the city can decide where budget cuts may need to be made in the future, they’re going to look closely at where Salisbury’s revenue stands. Meanwhile, the Acting Mayor adds that in the coming months Salisbury will be putting a bigger focus on issues related to housing.

To watch the full State of the City address, click here.

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