Wicomico County Schools speak on challenges students may face during virtual fine arts classes

WICOMICO CO, Md.- Wicomico County Public Schools are getting ready to reopen next week, and the school district is acknowledging that students and teachers may face some challenges when it comes to fine arts classes this year.

The school district said trying to figure out how to conduct band and chorus classes virtually has been difficult.

Right now, teachers plan on using tools like Zoom and other programs to instruct students.

We’re told learning how to use these programs may be tough for some, and on top of that students will be required to learn more on their own this year,  rather than in a group setting.

“So they have to deal with that delay, so they can’t really play together but they can record themselves and play for the teacher so the teacher can evaluate and instruct,” Jeffrey Baer, Supervisor of Fine Arts for Wicomico County Schools, said.

School leaders just ask that both parents and students practice patience throughout this process because this is a new experience for everyone.

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