TidalHealth brand unveiled, encompasses Peninsula Regional Health System


SALISBURY, Md. – On Tuesday, Peninsula Regional Health System announced it’s re-branded itself as TidalHealth.

The name now encompasses TidalHealth Peninsula Regional in Salisbury and TidalHealth Nanticoke in Seaford as well as the McCready, Ocean Pines and Millsboro Health Pavilion. Officials say the name was chosen after months of research including interviews with patients and staff. They say the brand relates to the area’s history of waterways including the bay and ocean with a common theme of the force of the tides that shape them.

“Now with these new entities and almost 47 or 50 locations across the region having one name, or one banner for lack of a better word, will give folks a clear understanding that when they go to one location they’re going to get a consistent experience that’s tailored to them with high quality that integrated through out the region,” says Steve Leonard, the President and CEO of TidalHealth. “Throughout the process, we have come to realize three key points about our health system: Quality is our constant. Special is our signature. Community is our core. We are better together and the community must feel it. Just as the tides shape our waterways, we are shaping healthcare on Delmarva.”

Officials say the transition for patients will be seamless and appointments that were previously scheduled won’t change. Additionally, patients may have closer options for care because of the new TidalHealth Medical Partners collaboration. That collaboration is made up of Peninsula Regional Medical Group, the Nanticoke Physician Network, Delmarva Heart and Peninsula Cardiology.

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