Ross building developers give update on construction progress

SALISBURY, Md. – Developers are giving an update on the first ever high rise being built in downtown Salisbury. Developer of the Ross building Nick Simpson says the foundation should be started on sometime in December.

Acting Mayor Julia Glanz says that the city has been helping builders to hook up to water and sewer lines in the area. “We helped them tie into the water line. We’re going to be repaving Baptist Street, and then we’re going to move some dirt. That’s a partnership with us,” said Acting Mayor Glanz.

Acting Mayor Glanz says she believes the building will bring new life into downtown Salisbury. “I think it’s a game changer. I think we’ve known that we need more beds downtown to see more businesses down here. We’ve already begun to see – even through COVID – a bunch of new businesses open up and expand, which is fantastic. I think we’re only going to see that happen more. I think we’ll see more restaurants downtown,” said Acting Mayor Glanz.

The Acting Mayor says that the building’s developers have been working closely with the city to keep the look and history of the area alive. “They have taken such care with working with their neighbors downtown and trying to be a partner, and keeping with the facade and keeping that look and history of downtown,” said Acting Mayor Glanz.

Acting Mayor Glanz says that the Ross building is all part of what she calls a domino effect in terms of all the new construction underway downtown. “We knew if we worked on our core that more life and business and housing was going to come here. So I think we’re starting to see all that work pay off,” said Acting Mayor Glanz.

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