Perdue Farms celebrates its drivers during National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

SALISBURY, Md. – It’s National Truck Driver Appreciation Week – and local companies are honoring their drivers during these difficult times. “Truck driver appreciation week is just a chance to really celebrated them,” said Vice President of Transportation for Perdue Farm Rich Hernandez.

Hernandez says that through COVID-19 their drivers and other truck drivers around the country have been working hard to make sure people are getting the essentials they need. Perdue says that since the start of COVID-19, their truck drivers have driven 13 million miles to do just that. “Everybody remembers that grocery shelves were empty. It’s their job to bring the protein to the shelves, and they’ve done an awesome job with that,” said Hernandez.

Plus – Perdue says they’re trying to get more women more involved in transportation.  “I hope that it grows because you get a lot of women who think this isn’t an option. I came from the medical field,” said Driver Trainer Megan Lukecart.

Just about 7% of truck drivers in America are women. Lukecart says she hopes to inspire young women to become truck drivers. “Just make sure you keep strong. There might be some guys out there that say she can’t drive or she can’t back up. Don’t even pay it any mind because you definitely can,” said Lukecart.

Lukecart says that she’s grateful for the appreciation. She also says that her favorite part of the job is getting out on the open road – and seeing something new every day. “What makes it special to me is being able to get out and see the open road and every day is a new challenge. Just being able to help pout food on the table,” said Lukecart.

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