Ocean City Winterfest is still on for 2020, MD recovery could impact plans

OCEAN CITY, Md. – Ocean City’s Special Events Director says that Winterfest is still on for this year. Of course – it would come with some changes, depending on where Maryland is at with its recovery process. “Regardless of where we are in the recovery process – and based on what the Health Department’s requirements are for us for the event – we’re going to do everything we can to make sure that our guests have a terrific experience and enjoy Ocean City this holiday season,” said Frank Miller.

Miller tells 47ABC that if Maryland continues to successfully progress through phase three, they’ll hold Winterfest with social distancing and mask wearing requirements. But if the situation with COVID-19 worsens, Winterfest could turn into a walking experience instead of a trolley ride. “We will look at a smaller footprint, but with a more condensed experience, where people will be able to walk through the park in a smaller area. Not the entire path that the tram takes because it would be a very long, exhaustive walk,” said Miller.

Miller says that he hopes a modified Winter Fest would still bring Ocean City the holiday spirit it has in the past. “Our goal will be to still have some of the favorite light displays. But we’re also going to change up a few. If we’re going to make them walk we’re going to make it worth their while. So ultimately our goal here in Ocean City is to try to develop interactive and immersive experiences for our guests,” said Miller.

Miller says Ocean City will be working closely with the Worcester County Health Department to make any necessary changes to Winterfest. He also says that events like WinterFest offer local businesses more opportunities – and gives people an escape from the stresses of the pandemic. “Doing events is very important. I really think that they provide opportunities for people to get out. They provide hope to some level. They give opportunity for guests to enjoy things they wouldn’t be able to do otherwise,” said Miller.

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