Hudson Health celebrating National Recovery Month

SALISBURY, Md. – September is national recovery month and leaders at Hudson Health are doing everything they can to raise awareness and help those struggling with addiction.

Kevin Meenan, Clinical Director at Hudson Health, tells 47 ABC that the center usually hosts a giant barbecue during the month – but they’ve had to adapt their plans because of covid. Instead, they’re now doing some speaker events, some smaller barbecues and bonfires within the housing units, all with safety measures because of the virus.

They’re also co-hosting a fireworks presentation at the Shorebirds stadium scheduled for this Friday night.

Meenan says that while many of us are focused on the pandemic right now, addiction recovery is still happening and still important.

“Addiction doesn’t stop just because something else is going on in the world, obviously the pandemic of covid-19 is expansive, but so is addiction,” he said.

Meenan says anyone interested in getting more information about national recovery month or how they can get involved can visit their health department’s website or Hudson Health’s website.

He adds that while he’s happy to see a focus on national recovery month during the month of September, he hopes these efforts and conversations last well beyond the end of the month.

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