DNREC holds virtual workshop on plastic bag ban

DELAWARE – DNREC hosted a virtual workshop Wednesday to get Delawareans ready for the plastic bag ban taking effect in 2021. The ban was signed into law last year. It will put into place certain requirements for what kind of plastic bags are allowed. “I think when people hear plastic bag ban they automatically think every plastic bag is going to be banned and that’s not the case,” said Environmental Program Manager for Waste Management and Recycling Adam Schalachter.

DNREC says the bags must be thick enough and made of materials that make the bags reusable. Schalachter says they’ve been working with stores to get the right kind of bags distributed. “There’s been and 18 month rotation in terms of basically trying to work with industry to make sure that they understood, providing technical assistance, figuring out what the challenges might be,” said Schalachter.

DNREC says that Wednesday’s workshop was all about clearing up any confusion people might have about the ban before it takes effect. “We’ve definitely gotten comments on both sides of the issue where we have people who want to be able to put things in a single use carry out bag and have them, and then there are people who are fine with the whole thing,” said Schalachter.

DNREC says that any stores that are eligible will also be asked to host a plastic bag drop off location for residents. They add that they will likely be holding more virtual workshops in the future because Wednesday’s event was so popular.

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