Digital Divide campaign helps Talbot Co. students with internet connectivity

TALBOT COUNTY, Md. – The Talbot County Public Schools Education Foundation is raising money to help students with internet connectivity through their Digital Divide campaign. “It was an easy conversation for us to talk to our local community about this need,” said Chair of TCPSEF Laura Heikes.

They started off with a goal of raising $60,000 to purchase hot spots and strengthen internet connectivity. “This specific campaign really appealed to our community because it was a specific and concrete way to move the equity needle. When we began to really demonstrate, that lack of adequate internet access was really inequitable for our students,” said Vice Chair of TCPSEF Dr. Rebecca Firth.

But the foundation says that the community stepped up in a big way to help. Now they have about 250 supporters who have helped raise about $90,000. “When we went out there and started to share the problems, share the issues, the community just went nuts – and they were really able to respond quickly and enthusiastically,” said Dr. Firth.

Dr. Firth says the response from the community and families has been inspiring. “We are stuck with this virtual learning for a little while. But it was really working and the families were excited, and the students were excited, and the teachers were excited. So I just wanted to share that because that’s some good news in difficult times,” said Dr. Firth.

Dr. Firth says that even after students return to face to face instruction, they will need internet connectivity to help support online activities. “This internet need with continue in order to help give these students access to those opportunities,” said Dr. Firth.

If you’d like to help out with the Digital Divide campaign, you can visit TCPSEF’s website – or you can call Coordinator of Public Relations and Special Programs Debbie Garnder at (410) 822-0330 ext. 102.

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