West Main Street in downtown SBY opens to traffic

SALISBURY, Md. – After months of construction, West Main Street in downtown Salisbury is finally open to drivers. The new traffic flow actually goes in the opposite direction of how it was before. “That was the intent to bring people in – to welcome them into the heart of downtown instead of funneling them out. So I’m hopeful that folks will get used to it quickly,” said Acting Mayor Julia Glanz.

Acting Mayor Glanz tells 47ABC that the construction is ahead of schedule by several weeks. She says that the opening of West Main Street is a cause for celebration. But drivers should still slow down and look around to make sure they’re following the new direction. “It will be a change, and we may have some whoopsies with folks forgetting which way to go. But hopefully folks are alert and will pay attention to the change in direction,” said Acting Mayor Glanz.

At Roadie Joe’s, owner Jeremy Norton says the ongoing construction has been a bit of a headache. So he’s excited to see it nearing completion – and how the change in traffic direction could potentially bring new customers through his doors. “If you look at an aerial view of downtown Salisbury the way that it was before – we were actually pushing people out of downtown. Now it seems like you’re pulling people in,” said Norton.

Around the corner at Olde Towne Cafe, owner Vicente Hernandez says he believes West Main Street’s reconstruction won’t just help businesses on the plaza. It’ll also help funnel visitors and customers toward North Division Street. “We’re becoming more into our metropolitan type self. So to hear the cars coming through and people chattering as they walk up the street – I think that’s going to be really nice,” said Hernandez.

Acting Mayor Julia Glanz says that she hopes the opening of West Main Street will help to fill some of the vacant building spaces. She also says that there will still be construction during parts of the day. But on nights and weekends traffic should be free flowing. Acting Mayor Glanz says she’s hoping the construction will be completely done by October.

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