Protests continue over confederate statue at Talbot Co. courthouse

EASTON, Md. – On Saturday, about a hundred protestors gathered at the Talbot County Courthouse demanding for change.

This comes after the County Council voted to keep the Talbot Boys monument last Tuesday.

Event organizers say although the monument still remains they will continue to fight for its removal.

Several community leaders including the President of the NAACP Talbot County Branch Richard Potter spoke during the demonstration.

They say they will continue to push their message of hope and unity as well.

“We’re not done have this conversation until 2022,” said Patrick Firth, a member of the Talbot Democratic Party.

“Though we are not going to forget what they’ve done when we go to the ballot box and the general spirit was that this is a movement,” said Firth, “This isn’t the end of the movement. We’ve lost the battle, not the war.”

According to Firth, the Talbot Democratic Party and other members of the community are planning to continue protesting in the future and push for change.

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