Pocomoke shooting suspect held without bond, family remembers victim

POCOMOKE CITY, Md. – A Pocomoke City 18-year-old is being held without bond after police say he’s responsible for murdering a Virginia man on Tuesday but they’re still trying to figure out a motive for the crime.

Police say the shooting happened on Young Street, where they found eleven bullet casings. They say it took them a little while to figure out where the shooting happened because the victim was actually found a block away on Bonneville Avenue, sitting on a stranger’s porch with two gunshot wounds.

“It’s just so much killing around in Pocomoke,” says William Knock, a witness and neighbor.

Neighbors say another tragedy has rocked the Pocomoke City community, 18-year-old Marion Maddox is behind bars after he reportedly shot and killed 28-year-old Deavon Davis from Virgnia on Tuesday.

“When I got home at  about 3:50 PM I heard six gunshots. I came outside and someone was calling me so I came outside and I saw the guy coming around and he was on the porch. He said he was shot and hit,” says Knock.

Police say Davis had two gunshot wounds: one in his chest and the other in his left hip.

“I helped him I took my shirt off and put pressure on his wounds, blood came out and the last thing he said was about his mom,” says Knock.

Davis was reportedly pronounced dead in an ambulance on the way to a hospital. As for Maddox, police arrested him about ten hours after the shooting after collecting video evidence from the area that showed the suspect shooting the victim. “A photo line up was done and the suspect was positively identified as the shooter,” says Pocomoke City Police Chief Lee Brumley.

Lynnisha Watson, who is Davis’ cousin, tells 47 ABC their family can’t believe the 28-year-old is gone. “He was that relative at everyone of our family meetings. No matter what happened he could find joy out of it.”

Neighbors say they saw Maddox approach a crowd at the basketball court before eventually chasing Davis down and shooting him. But despite that neither neighbors nor police think he was the intended target and his cousin agrees.

“So the person, the boy that killed him, didn’t even know him,” says Watson. “The bullet wasn’t even meant for him it was meant for somebody else in the crowd.”

Watson says she’s hurting but she’s also thinking of the alleged suspect’s family. “I mean I don’t think he should do anything less than ten years but I want the best for him I don’t think locking him up and throwing away the key is the answer.

Police say up until Tuesday, things had been pretty quiet around Pocomoke. An exact motive has not been determined but neighbors and police believe this was all gang related between the bloods and crips in town.

This is still an ongoing investigation. Anyone with information that may help police is asked to contact Maryland State Police or the Pocomoke Police Department at 410-957-1600.

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