MD voters to receive mail-in ballot applications by end of August

MARYLAND – The Maryland State Board of Elections approved sending out mail-in ballot applications to registered voters across the state Wednesday. Delegate Sheree Sample Hughes tells 47ABC that it was important to make sure voters had both options of applying for a mail-in ballot and voting in person. “Access is the pivotal point for people to know that their voice is being heard – that there’s being made a difference,” said Del. Sample-Hughes.

The mail-in ballot applications will come with a return envelope with pre-paid postage. Del. Sample-Hughes says that it was important to include those envelopes. The delegate says it will help make sure that every voter had a fair chance to send their applications to election boards. “We felt that pre-paid postage should have been available to citizens so we are in no fashion suppressing the vote,” said Del. Sample-Hughes.

State Senator Mary Beth Carozza says after ballots were sent out to voters during the June primary – she heard from many constituents about receiving incorrect or multiple ballots. Sen. Carozza says elected officials wanted to make sure they got it right in time for November’s general election. “The primary did not go well, and so we were trying to spend this time leading up to the general election to prepare and to make sure that we have maximum integrity,” said Sen. Carozza.

The senator says she wants voters to remember that the applications are just that – applications and not actual ballots. Sen. Carozza says providing options to voters so they can make their own choices is key to a successful election. “Those who want to vote by mailing in have that opportunity but we also know – I’m hearing from plenty of constituents – they want to vote in person, and we’ve always had that opportunity,” said Sen. Carozza.

It is important to note that voters also have the option of downloading mail-in applications. They can then email, fax, or mail those applications back to election boards. Voters who choose to apply for applications themselves must send in their requests by October 20th. When you send your actual ballot back – it must be postmarked before or on the day of the election, which is November 3rd.

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