Local non-profit asking for public’s help to keep supporting veterans

CAMBRIDGE, Md. – A local non-profit is asking the public for their support during these difficult times. Patriot Point in Cambridge says the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting the number of volunteers they have and the funds coming in. “COVID has impacted us. A lot of the groups that were scheduled to come here – and there are groups veterans that they come from around the country – have canceled,” said Volunteer Coordinator Mike Mattingly.

Patriot Point says that despite COVID-19, they’re doing everything they can to make sure that they can keep providing what they do best: peace of mind. “Please let us get through this so we can go back to normal life and just become handshaking, hugging, family and friends again,” said Mattingly.

For many veterans, Patriot Point in Cambridge holds a special place in their heart. “This place is super special. It means a lot to a lot of people, and it has done a tremendous amount for a lot of people,” said Volunteer and former Navy SEAL Lieutenant Commander Hugh Middleton.

It’s a place where wounded veterans, their families, and their caretakers can get away for a while. They can enjoy nature, hunting, fishing – and find a safe space to process the difficult experiences they’ve been through. “To be able to talk to other veterans who have shared experiences, who are suffering the same things – it’s not talking to a counselor at the VA,” said Middleton.

But the non-profit says COVID-19 has dealt a big blow when it comes to getting veterans through their doors – and funds for maintenance and renovations. “That puts a tremendous burden on Patriot Point as well because a lot of the sponsors have backed out. So there goes some of our funding to help the veterans,” said Mattingly.

For now – volunteers are focusing on renovating the house in any way they can. Recently they’ve redone some of the house and re-built two docks on the property. But materials don’t come free. Patriot Point is now asking the public for their help, whether it be donating their time or money. “It’s a tremendous expense to keep this going for folks that need it. People come here and they’re not charged anything. Everything is taken care of,” said Middleton.

Patriot Point is looking at different fundraisers that they could do in the future – while staying safe and socially distant. Mattingly says that if you can’t volunteer in person, donations are always welcome. To find out more about how you can help support Patriot Point, you can visit their website.

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