Local church holds special service to honor first responders

CAMBRIDGE, Md. – In Cambridge, members of the community held an event today to honor local first responders.

The event was led by a local church called The River.

People at the church shared stories of being helped by first responders.

They also recognized local police and fire departments with certificates.

According to the Senior Pastor at The River David Yockey, firefighters, police and even dispatchers help save lives each day, which is why they’ve decided to honor them and focus on the good in these difficult times.

“You know, we need to honor them, we need to support them because when others go running out, they go running in and they never say no and they never stop and so we need to support them and we need to honor them,” said Yockey.

Pastors David and Katie Yockey say they’re planning on making this celebration of first responders an annual event.

The River will also be offering free meals for first responders throughout the month of August at the Overflow Cafe in Cambridge.

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