Live town hall meeting held Thursday to give Delaware women resources impacted by COVID-19

DELAWARE– The Delaware Office of Women’s Advancement and Advocacy hosted a Facebook Live Town Hall Thursday to speak about how COVID-19 is impacting women in the First State.

Lieutenant Governor Bethany Hall-Long joined in on the meeting.

She said she has seen an increase in stress for women whether it be because of things like unemployment or issues with housing.

Hall- Long added that there has been an increase in domestic violence calls throughout the pandemic.

She said this is why it’s important that the community has town hall meetings like this one to provide resources to these women.

“Not only is it going to give us economic information, and resources, but it’s going to reiterate that you’re not alone, and it’s okay not to be okay, it’s okay to be a little stressed,” Hall-Long said.

Hall- Long said right now they are seeing 80% of woman calling the help line, and 40% of those calls are related to COVID.

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