Gold Prices On The Rise

Gold Prices are on the rise and the pandemic has something to do with it and one local business says they are seeing the effects of it first hand.

The owner of Kuhn’s Jewelers Susan Purnell says the current price for gold is nineteen hundred dollars an ounce, and this past week it crossed two thousand an ounce.

We are told, they have had people wanting to come in and sell gold, and they say it’s a good time to do that.

We are also told that gold is something people cherish and invest in, when times are uncertain.

“I think in times of uncertainty and veer which we have now with this pandemic people want to hold onto something solid like gold. It has been something people historically invest in, in times of uncertainty,” Purnell said.

Purnell also says she thinks gold will continue to go up, and their store is priced at a lower rate and they say that is why it is a really good time to buy.

We are told the last couple years gold has been at the fifteen hundred -sixteen hundred an ounce.

They have seen about a 13% increase in the last year, and they say they are very fortunate for their store staying busy.

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