DHSS launches phone line for anxiety help, resources

DELAWARE – The Delaware Department of Health and Social Services is offering a new help line through their Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health. It’s called the Delaware HOPE Line. People needing help with anxiety, depression, or behavioral health needs because of COVID-19 can call.

Administrator of Crisis Intervention Services Glenn Owens says the DHSS wanted to do something to help people who are really suffering while in isolation. “At the moment there are a lot of people who are isolated, who aren’t necessarily in contact with a lot of friends or family as they used to be because of the COVID epidemic,” said Owens.

People who call will be connected with a DHSS staff member who has a shared experience. That staff member will offer support or connect them to other resources. “We have that interpersonal connection that we offer, but we also have a tremendous array of resources and referral sources for people to pull in. So we can get people connected to almost any types of services that people might be interested in,” said Owens.

Owens says now more than ever – people need connections and support when going through stressful times. “It’s crucial that people be able to have some sort of connection – and that they have some, what I would say, easy place to go or easy place to turn for help. The Delaware Hope line provides that easy place to turn for help,” said Owens.

Callers can remain anonymous if you need to call in for help. “We will certainly usually ask for your first name at the very least. We don’t have to get too involved with who you are, et cetera.  You can call anonymously. That’s not a problem at all. We’re here to help folks,” said Owens.

Owens tells 47ABC that the Hope Line is partnered with DHSS’s Crisis Intervention line. So, if someone needs that kind of help, they can easily be connected to it.

You can reach the Delaware HOPE Line at (833) 946-7333.

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