White Marlin Open changes weigh-in viewing location

OCEAN CITY, Md. – Organizers of the White Marlin Open announced Wednesday they will have a new public viewing location for weigh-ins this year.

The new viewing site will be located at the 3rd Street Ballpark in Ocean City.

Organizers said in a statement, “The large amount of available space at the park will allow for proper social distancing and a more enjoyable experience for our spectators.”

Jim Motsko, The Founder of the White Marlin Open, says even though there will be a new location for viewing weigh-in’s this year, the overall event will still be just as enjoyable for guests and competitors.

Motsko said, “We are doing what we’ve been doing for the past 30 years, that is running a first class world renowned tournament. That is the most important thing. That’s what we do and we are trying to make sure that the general public adheres to what we’re trying to do as far as the social distancing.”

People attending the public viewing for weigh-ins are being asked to wear a face covering, but it will not be mandatory.

A live stream of the weigh-ins can also be viewed online. Simply visit WhiteMarlinOpen.com to watch.

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