Salisbury University rolls out new fall 2020 plan during coronavirus pandemic

SALISBURY, Md. – Salisbury University officials are setting the scene of what the new normal will look like for students and staff when they return to campus in the fall amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s going to be a little bit of a different experience, but I think it can happen,” said Student Health Services Director, Victoria Lentz.

Classes now being offered one of four ways. Giving students a number of options to access education in a safe way if they have underlying health concerns.

“About a third of our courses, as we currently stand, are fact to face overall, and about a third are hybrid, and about a third are either remote or purely online,” said Provost and Senior VP for Academic Affairs, Karen Olmstead.

Another change? Students, faculty, and visitors will be required to complete a self-assessment and answer questions daily before coming to campus either in person or on an app on their phone.

“That would be are you feeling well today? Do you have a fever? Are you experiencing any symptoms like shortness of breath,” said Lentz.

“If you’re all good then you have passed for the day and we know that if you’re on campus or using our Wi-Fi or coming into our doors that you checked in,” said Olmstead.

And in the classrooms and across campus, face masks will be required. Social distancing will be enforced. And if you’re sick, students will have to work out alternative plans for class participation.

“We all have a responsibility to ourselves and our community, not just on campus but on campus, to monitor our health carefully,” said Olmstead.

“It’s just going to take a lot of planning, which we’re doing, and it’s going to take the students really doing their part,” said Lentz.

Officials are also working closely with international students to ensure they keep their U.S. visas following the Trump Administration’s recent announcement. They add that the University System of Maryland with input from the member institutions developed some guidelines for return to campus plans. But each institution has built their plans specific to their campuses and their needs.

For a full look at Salisbury University’s plans, click here.

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