Music stores seeing decrease in the amount of rentals they are selling to students

MILLSBORO, Del.- One of the many businesses that have felt the impact of COVID-19 are music stores, but with many schools going virtual,  we’re told the impact could be even worse.

Adam Clifton, who works at Millsboro Music, said some music stores rely on providing services and instruments for school band students; and with music programs up in the air at schools, he has heard of some students starting to return instruments.

Clifton said now is usually their busy time with rentals, but this year they haven’t seen that pop.

He adds that all they can do now is remain optimistic that more decisions will be made on how programs will operate.

“I think all we want is just a few more answers than questions, so until we get that it’s still just a lot of confusion and I just hope something changes,” Adam Clifton, a repair technician at Millsboro Music, said.

Clifton adds that their student participation has lowered to 30% since being able to have in person lessons again.

He also said that as of right now they have stopped renting instruments because of the lack of business.

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