Local realty company responds to claims they aren’t helping customers during pandemic

REHOBOTH BEACH, Del. – A local realty company has responded after multiple people claimed they were not able to work out any kind of refund or modification to their short term rentals. The company says they are just following the signed agreements.

In a statement, Kristina Lingo with Jack Lingo Realtor said, “The number-one policy we were following was abiding by the terms of the contract that the guests signed. Additionally, each an every guest has the opportunity to purchase travel insurance. Guests have to manually decline this insurance.”

Travel insurance was one of the issues that customers raised. Some of those customers tell 47ABC that the company told them travel insurance was only effective if someone in their group tested positive for COVID-19. Meanwhile, others tell 47ABC that the company pressured them into purchasing travel insurance, which significantly raised the price of their reservations.

Lingo confirmed that the travel insurance applies to those who have tested positive for COVID-19. “The travel insurance is clearly defined in our lease agreement and has a separate link with further details. To our knowledge, the travel insurance companies are covering guests if they test positive for the virus and cannot come. They do not, however, cover fear of travel,” said Lingo.

Customers tell 47ABC that the company offered no credit for future reservations. Lingo explained that when there was a ban on short-term rentals, they did offer some credits. However once the ban was lifted, that changed.

Lingo tells 47ABC that in some cases, customers were able to recover some of their payment through sub-letting. “In accordance with our lease agreement, we have been offering a sublet to try and re-rent the week for the guests. This has been extremely successful, since there has been a high demand for summer rentals following the opening of our coast towns. Furthermore, this is a great opportunity for the original guest to recover some of their deposit,” said Lingo.

Lingo says they are trying to help take care of the landlords that they work with, while also giving good service to customers. “Our financial obligation is to the landlord while servicing our valued guests, which makes situations like these extremely difficult. During such unprecedented times, it’s important to work together to rebuild our coastal towns that were greatly affected by COVID-19,” said Lingo.

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