Live Green: Salisbury Green Team

SALISBURY, Md. – After trying to find ways to connect her passion for the environment and relate to the people of Delmarva, Meteorologist Sloane Haines decided to create a new segment. This segment highlights local organizations and businesses with a green aspect.

This week on “Live Green” Meteorologist Sloane Haines spoke with Terri Gladus and Alyssa Hastings, who are members of Salisbury’s Green Team.

“So the Mayor’s Sustainability Advisory Committee, or the Green Team as we call ourselves, just because the other name is sort of a mouthful, was formed a couple years ago when we started the Sustainable Maryland Application,” Terri Gladus said.

The Sustainable Maryland Application was created to help municipalities in Maryland sustain their communities for the long term. Part of this application required that Salisbury create a Green Team. One of the projects that the Green Team oversees is the Green Business Certification program, which started last year.

“And we started to notice that a lot of businesses in the city of Salisbury were already doing things to help the environment, whether that was switching from single use plastic cups to a compostable cup or reducing their straws,” Alyssa Hastings said.

As a way to say thank you to these businesses, the Green Team awards them a sticker and certificate for their establishment. Another reward they receive is crucial time with the Mayor to discuss local matters. The list of Green Certified Businesses is 17 strong, but it is not just limited to restaurants.

“And we’ve had a lot of amazing restaurants, such as Rise Up and Roadie Joe’s and Taco Bliss, be certified. But, we’ve also had a lot of other businesses, such as yoga studios and Robertson& Robertson Attorneys, and Healing Hands Animal Hospital,” Gladus said.

The businesses have taken it upon themselves to start a friendly competition in becoming green.
And the reward, knowing that they are helping to sustain Delmarva for years to come.

The pandemic has put a hold on the Certified Green Business application process. As life is slowly returning to normalcy, please visit the city’s green business website for the latest updates.


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