“It’s important to return to schools virtually”- Educational leaders weigh in on how students resume classes

MARYLAND–School leaders across the state of Maryland are currently working together to decide the best way to resume classes in the fall.

Right now, The President of Maryland State Education Association and the President of the Wicomico County Education Association both believe starting students off virtually would be the safest move.

“At this point in time, with the uptick in numbers locally and the uncertainty of this virus that it’s important to return to schools virtually,” Joan Smith, President of the Wicomico County Education Association, said.

But not everyone agrees.

Nicole Acle, a Wicomico County Council Representative and parent, said while she understands why leaders would want to bring students back virtually she feels the lack of social interaction would not do students any good.

“I think that this isolation of remote learning should not continue in this coming school year and our children do need to be back in school, this is how the world right now is processing, ” Acle said.

If schools were to resume in a virtual setting however, both the President of the Maryland State and Wicomico County Educational Association acknowledge that there would need to be more financial aid to address any inequalities within the state.

“We should be able to get additional funding from the state to get all of the health things that are needed and to be able to get the technology,” Cheryl Bost, President of Maryland State Education Association, said.

So,while things are still up in the air on how each county will bring students back, one thing is clear, leaders want to work together with parents to bring students back in the safest way possible.

“I think if we all work together parents as partners in this education we can really make improvements and we have to focus on transforming our schools,” Bost said.

Acle told us that if students were to continue virtual learning, there needs to be a better educational platform to teach kids math.

She also feels that in person learning would be best because she believes safety precautions and social distancing could be upheld.

The President of Wicomico County Education Association said that the county is working toward providing one device for students if need be, and that this simply is going to give their kids a step up that a lot of communities don’t have yet.

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