Hudson Health Services changing name, expanding mental health services

SALISBURY, Md. – Hudson Health Services is changing their name and offering expanded services. The center is changing its name to Hudson Behavioral Health – and adding to their mental health services. “A lot of what we already do is being enhanced – bringing more recognition to our name, changing our name to Hudson Behavioral Health to let people know that what we do is all encompassing and more holistic,” said Clinical Director Kevin Meenan.

Meenan says that they’re dedicating licensed clinical social workers to meeting with patients that don’t already have a mental health counselor outside of Hudson Behavioral Health. “We can offer more of a well rounded treatment on the mental health side of things. In our housing we are dedicating staff – licensed clinical social worker staff – to meeting with any participant in our program that has a co-occuring mental health disorder and is not already engaged in a mental health practice outside our facility,” said Meenan.

Meenan tells 47ABC that the changes were a long time in the making – but are more essential than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic. “We hear about a lot of people overdosing, and a lot of that has to do with inability to engage with social support groups. A lot of people are not necessarily engaging in mental health therapy and their ongoing substance use disorder treatment,” said Meenan.

Hudson Behavioral Health says they’ve already begun its on campus mental health treatment. “I think our CEO was thinking in the direction of ‘let’s provide some hope. let’s provide some moving forward’ type of feel rather than waiting for everything to go away. We’re trying to adapt. We’re trying to grow,” said Meenan.

Meenan says the center has also been doing COVID-19 testing during the admissions process. “We’re hopeful for the future. We’re hopeful for everything that could possibly do to help. We are practicing our social distancing. We’re all wearing masks and doing exactly what is asked of us. We’re doing a lot of testing on the front end through our admissions process,” said Meenan.

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