Georgetown community rallies to show support for law enforcement


GEORGETOWN, Del. – At a law enforcement appreciation rally Monday, both police and supporters say that now more than ever it’s important to show love to those on the front lines. “There’s a lot of anti police type of demonstrations. Our law enforcement here in Delaware is probably one of the most professional, well trained, well maintained, well equipped in the nation,” said Delaware State Senator Brian Pettyjohn.

Sen. Pettyjohn says he wanted to find a way to give local police officers a boost in morale. “I wanted to make sure that our law enforcement officers here in Delaware knew that as elected officials – and as people – that we have their back and we support them,” said Sen. Pettyjohn.

Police from southern Delaware were there to join their community – and they say they’re happy to see the support. “We love when the community comes out to support the police department. There’s been a lot of things about the police over the past few months, and to it’s great to see the support,” said Rehoboth Beach Police Department Chief Keith Clark.

One supporter at the rally was Republican candidate for US Congress Lee Murphy. Murphy says he hopes to help bring attention to supporting law enforcement on a national scale. “They’re out there. They’re front line of defense and we have political leaders in this state and across the country that are really not backing the police,” said Murphy.

Aside from showing appreciation, Sen. Brian Pettyjohn says that acknowledging accountability is also essential. “As leaders in the community we need to be out there. We need to be supporting them and we need to be lifting up those who do a great job – but at the same time holding those accountable who don’t do their job the way they should,” said Sen. Pettyjohn.

Chief Banks agrees – and says police officers can’t do their jobs without the public’s support. “We cannot forget that we are here to serve the public, okay? Without their support we cannot do our job. So we need to work together and that’s what this is all about,” said Chief Banks.

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