Fire Truck Reunion: Crisfield daughter gets ride on fire engine ladder to visit mom in nursing home

CRISFIELD, Md. – The pandemic has kept family and friends apart for months now, and that’s really taken a toll on family members who visit loved ones in nursing homes. But one Crisfield woman found a very special way to visit her own mother in the nursing home, and it all involves a fire truck.

“My mom is my rock, every week I would go to the nursing home, twice a week, to do her hair,” Shirl Carmine said about her 83-year-old mother, Shirley. But with Shirley in a nursing home, the pandemic had kept the duo apart for months.

“It was just so… it was depressing,” Shirl said.

The two had kept in contact electronically, but with Shirley hard of hearing, communication was tough. On Sunday, though, Shirl got to see her best friend face to face, all thanks to the Crisfield Fire Department.

Shirl and her daughter were going to pickup some food when they passed a gas station and saw the fire truck in the parking lot. That’s when Shirl says she knew she had to ask them for a huge favor.

“I said Jessica stop! I’m going to go ask them if they’ll take me up there!” Shirl recalled, laughing.

She asked the firemen to take her up on the truck’s ladder so she could reach her mom’s second floor window at the nursing home, and to her surprise, they said yes.

“He said what day do you want to do it, or we could do it now, I said we can do it now! I wasn’t letting the chance go by,” Shirl said.

Less than an hour later, Shirl was face to face with her mother, telling her what she’s wanted to tell her for the past few weeks.

“I just told her I loved her so much and I miss her, and I can’t wait to have coffee with her and I want to see her,” Shirl said.

It was a quick visit, but one that meant so much to a mother and her daughter.

“I just think it brought so much spirit back into her, like life into her… she had so much life in her eyes, it was amazing,” Shirl said.


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