Delaware disability service providers announce stage one reopening


DELAWARE – State officials announced their service providers for adults with disabilities are hoping to resume programs in about two weeks.

The Division Of Developmental Disabilities Services (DDDS) says their stage one of reopening is set for August 3rd. They’re partnered with about 45 different agencies that offer services like independent adult living, social activities and even job training. These supports were suspended in mid-March due to coronavirus, something officials say has had a big impact on service recipients.

“For a lot of our service recipients they may not have a very large social network so going to those same places every day and seeing those same people is really important to them and their quality of life. With COVID, that has really been messed with,” says Cory Nourie, the director of community services for DDDS.

Stage one of this plan involves a limited number of recipients going back to in person programming, depending on their underlying health conditions. As for the future, officials are working through upcoming stages for programs as the state’s reopening plans move forward.

Click here for more information from DDDS about Stage One.

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