Del. officials announce joint effort on foreclosure and eviction prevention

WILMINGTON, Del. – On Wednesday, Governor John Carney, Attorney General Kathy Jennings, Delaware State Housing Authority Director Anas Ben Addi and Justice of the Peace Court Chief Magistrate Alan Davis announced a joint effort on foreclosure and eviction prevention to support Delaware homeowners and renters affected by the COVID-19 shutdown.

As of 8 a.m. today, July 1st, filings for foreclosures and evictions can resume, but will continue to be stayed to permit the Justice of the Peace Courts to determine whether the parties would benefit from a court-supervised mediation or alternative dispute resolution. Local sheriffs and constables have been directed to refrain from removing individuals from residential properties unless a Delaware court determines that enforcement is necessary.

In addition, utility companies must offer four-month payment plans to those affected by COVID-19 who were not able to pay bills during the height of the pandemic, and insurance companies must offer 90-day repayment plans for those affected by the pandemic who were not able to make premium payments.

The Delaware State Housing Authority and the Department of Justice will partner on a comprehensive plan to educate Delaware homeowners and renters on the foreclosure and eviction process, and provide services including financial assistance to prevent Delaware residents from losing their homes due to a COVID-19 related job loss, loss of income, or illness.

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