Rails to Trails project opens to the public in Milton


MILTON, Del. – Part of the Delaware Department of Transportation’s Rails to Trails project opened to the public today. “We are continuing to grow our low stress trail system here in Sussex County, and today’s event in Milton is another piece of the puzzle where we have taken what was a decommissioned rail line that really had not been utilized for more than 30 years,” said DelDOT’s director of community relations C.R. McLeod.

The 1,600 foot stretch in Milton is now open for walking and biking. It connects with another trail to make it about half a mile in total. “We’re continuing to build these trails out throughout Sussex County and they’ve really become popular and heavily utilized,” said McLeod.

McLeod says construction began in late 2019, and he’s excited to see people starting to use the trail. “We had a great crowd come out today. A lot of folks were excited to be using this trail system. A lot of kids on bikes as well, and that’s exactly what we want to see,” said McLeod.

The trails are being called “low stress” because they are separate from roadways. McLeod says they provide a safe way for people to travel and exercise. “You’re not worrying about other vehicles, so it runs through a beautiful stretch of woods. So it’s really a trail system that you can get out and enjoy without having to worry about being out on one of our busier roadways,” said McLeod.

McLeod says DelDOT is also working on construction for a trail between Georgetown and Lewes. He says the goal is to connect all of Delaware’s beach towns by the trail system. “The ultimate goal is that you’ll be able to cycle to any of our beach towns without using one of our major roadways. It’s safe, it’s much more scenic, and we just think it’s something that the communities have really embraced,” said McLeod.

DeldOT says once everything is complete they expect there to be 17 miles worth of the trail system.

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