Ocean City attorney: Police owe my client an apology for controversial arrest

OCEAN CITY, Md. – The 20-year old recently seen in a viral video of an arrest in Ocean City has hired an attorney who says all he wants is an apology from police and for the charges to be dropped against his client.

“We’re hopeful they will do the right thing so that further legal action won’t be necessary,” says Richard Brueckner, an Ocean City Criminal Defense Attorney. “We have given them the opportunity to do the right thing. We simply ask they dismiss the case against my client.”

During the incident in question, Taylor Cimorosi is heard verbally defending his friend as OCPD attempts to arrest him but that’s when things escalate.“It appears the lieutenant involved became frustrated and came over grabbed (Cimorosi) by his neck and punched him in his face while his hands were in his lap,” says Brueckner.

Seconds later, it appears Cimorosi is put into a headlock. 47 ABC submitted a Freedom of Information Act request to OCPD for their use of force policy. Under – “strangle holds and choke holds” it reads: “Holds that may choke or restrict the ability of an individual to breathe may be considered the use of lethal force and are permitted only when lethal force is authorized.”

47 ABC reached out to OCPD about this and they replied with this statement: This incident is still under review at the Captains level. Once, the entire review process is complete a formal statement will be issued from the Chief’s office.”

Officials with the police department also refused to answer any follow up questions about the status of the officer or if he was in violation of their policy.

As for Cimorosi though, his attorney says it’s clear that OCPD acted in the wrong. “I think my client was upset and exercising his first amendment right voicing an opinion as to an illegal arrest of his friend,” says Brueckner.

The Ocean City Police Department was not able to provide information about the status of the officers involved in the arrest.

In a statement to 47 ABC Kristin Heiser, State’s Attorney for Worcester County, says, “Mr. Cimorosi is a Defendant in a pending criminal case, so I am prohibited from discussing the matter at this time, in keeping with my ethical obligations as the State’s Attorney.”

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