Ocean City Police reviewing video of boardwalk arrest with “use of force”


OCEAN CITY, Md. – A video of an arrest by the Ocean City Police Department is getting a lot of attention online and officials say it’s being reviewed by the police department.

The arrest happened on May 31 on the boardwalk but the video was posted on Twitter just two days ago by 21-year old Joseph Kivlin. The video already has close to 20-thousand views.

In the video, someone is heard saying that Kivlin just poured alcohol out because an officer told him too. However, the officer claims the alcohol was poured on a police bike. Then 20-year old Taylor Cimorosi is heard calling the arresting officer an expletive for arresting Kivlin. That’s when the arresting officer, identified in court records as Lieutenant Frank Wrench, walks over to Cimorosi who is sitting on a bench.

Lt. Wrench seen putting his hands on Cimorosi’s shoulder then putting his left hand on his neck as Cimorosi tries to remove it. Lt. Wrench then puts Cimorosi in a headlock and tries to arrest him. The person recording the video is then asked to step back but doesn’t appear to listen and seems to be knocked to the ground by a different officer.

According to online court records, Cimorosi is charged with disorderly conduct and resisting or interfering with arrest while Kivlin is charged with having an open container of alcohol. Both were released on their own recognizance on June 1.

Ocean City Police released this statement to 47 ABC: “We are aware of the video circulating social media regarding an arrest with a use of force on the boardwalk. As with all Ocean City Police Department uses of force it will go through a multi-level review process. Per our Department policy, the use of force is reviewed by the officer’s shift commander (a Lieutenant), next the use of force is reviewed by the Division Commander (a Captain) and then by the Office of Professional Standards. Since, the officer involved in the video is the shift commander, it will be reviewed by the Assistant Patrol Commander prior to be the Division Commander’s review. At this time, it is still going through the review process. It is an open personnel incident going through the full review process based on our department policy.”


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