‘Not just this one incident’: Governor Carney speaks on protests across Delaware

DELAWARE – On Tuesday afternoon, Governor John Carney held a press conference today to talk about the coronavirus, but actually started the conference by talking about protests that have erupted across the state over the last few days.

Governor Carney talked about the protests in Wilmington, Dover, and Rehoboth Beach, as similar protests have popped up across the country after the death of George Floyd in police custody.

On Tuesday Carney said this isn’t about one person dying, but mentioned his time in Congress and how he remembers similar instances with Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

Carney said that while some protests have stayed peaceful in the state, some turned violent and led to looting and property being damaged.

“The violence in some ways discredits the focus that we all must have, and that I’ve tried to have as an elected official, in addressing the underlying inequities that give rise to this problem,” Governor Carney said.

Governor Carney also spent some time in Wilmington on Sunday, speaking with protesters about the change they’d like to see.

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