MAC Inc in Salisbury opening up some programs and fitness center Friday

SALISBURY, Md.- As Maryland opens more business up as part of phase two this Friday, the MAC Center said they’re preparing to open their doors.

MAC Inc said during the stay at home order they primarily reduced to remote services.

Now, they are shifting gears to opening some of their support and informational groups.

As well as, opening up their gym inside their facility by appointment.

Right now, we’re told they will avoid large group programs and limit programs to 10 people or less.

They’re also putting up shield guards at reception desks and doing screenings.

Because their adult day program will still remain closed, they are looking at other ways to bring seniors the services they need.

“The more we can incorporate technology and innovation into our programming we will, we’re also looking at doing more within the communities throughout the area versus bringing everybody to one spot, Pattie Tingle, Executive Director of MAC Inc, said.

We are told moving forward MAC is thinking of doing smaller site locations for their Meals on Wheels program and establishing more relationships with faith based partners to get their seniors services.

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