Lists promoting “black owned businesses” circulate, not everyone is in favor

SALISBURY, Md. – Lists of “black owned businesses” are circulating on social media right now as people try to highlight them and bring them more business. While many applaud the effort, some say it promotes segregation and misses an important point about resources.

47 ABC spoke to a black business owner Daisy Batson, who owns Daisy’s Healthy Hair Salon and Little Leaders Daycare in Salisbury with her daughter Vinessa Batson. She says she’d rather not see black businesses singled out on lists. Instead she wants businesses like hers to be supported like any other: based on the level of services they offer and customer satisfaction, not just because they’re owned by a black person. She also says most of these lists are pretty short which emphasizes the lack of resources for members of the black community to start their own businesses.

“What I do think is necessary is that African Americans with ideas, skills and talents need to be given the opportunity to own that business. Not that someone need to go to it because they’re black. That’s more segregation,” says Daisy Batson.

Daisy Batson says her advice to aspiring business owners is to never give up even if places like banks deny you for loans. She says there’s always a way to make your goals a reality, adding that when one door closes another opens.

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