‘2nd Amendment sanctuary’ vote gets postponed

SALISBURY, Md. – After listening closely to community members, Wicomico County Sheriff Mike Lewis asked the county council Tuesday to postpone voting on the second amendment sanctuary resolution.

“There’s a lot of healing going on that needs to take place right now,” said Sheriff Lewis.

“We don’t need any more division and we need healers and I want to be a part of that,” said Lewis.

The resolution calls for the Second Amendment not to be limited by the county government and for the county to oppose any unconstitutional restrictions by the Maryland General Assembly in the right to bear arms.

Sheriff Lewis tells 47ABC people who oppose the resolution sat with him Monday to discuss its negative tone to the community and that it wasn’t the right time to move it forward in light of the recent national protests.

“Having that one-on-one dialogue, it convinced me that now was not the right time to proceed forward with a Second Amendment resolution in our county,” said Lewis.

“It could’ve sent a message of not listening or not being sensitive or respectful of a specific community,” said Delegate Sheree Sample-Hughes.

People against the resolution say Sheriff Lewis made the right decision, but that they’ll continue their fight against it, and that they’re pushing to find a common ground with other activists.

“We want to have a conversation about guns that is inclusive that brings in all gun owners and isn’t a resolution that shouts that we’re not going to follow the law, that we’re not going to respect how the government has been set up,” said Jared Schablein, chair at the Lower Shore Progressive Caucus.

Overall, Sheriff Lewis says he’ll continue to push for the passage of the resolution when he believes it’s the right time.

“It will be resurrected again and I am as strong a supporter and our Second Amendment right to bear arms as I’ve ever been,” said Lewis, “I’ve never wavered and I won’t waiver.”

The Lower Shore Progressive Caucus say they are also looking at the possibility of crafting a bill that both sides can agree on moving forward.

Meanwhile, Sheriff Lewis says the passage of the resolution would be an opportunity for all Maryland legislators primarily those across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge to recognize that residents on the shore firmly believe in their constitution and their right to bear arms and that it’s very much a part of their culture.

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