Whiskey and wine bar restaurant coming to Snow Hill

SNOW HILL, Md. – Snow Hill residents can expect a brand new whiskey and wine bar restaurant in the summer months. It’ll be located on West Green Street, where the Goodman’s clothing store used to be.

The team at Oaked 110 tells us that they hope to open their doors sometime in July, but that’s still uncertain because of the pandemic. “Our main plan was to open around May. Now we’re thinking it’s going to be around July, just with everything kind of going on. We need to put some new eyes on it. Different things are going to be changing, different mandates on how to run it safely,” said Oaked 110 team member Nicole Miller.

As far as keeping guests and staff safe when the restaurant does open, Miller tells us the team is paying close attention to the governor’s mandates. Miller says the team is also working on figuring out the seating layout. “Things change every day. So we’re going to have to see what the mandates are, and online ordering, stuff like that, is going to have to come into play, probably because of everything that’s going on. We’re going to have to wait and see,” she said.

Chef Michael Kane says the focus of the restaurant will be its whiskey and wine bar, but contemporary American food will also be served. “We’re also going to be offering good quality American contemporary food. A lot of time in this business, you go to a restaurant and you pay an exorbitant amount for the product. The majority of those dollars are spent on all the extras,” said Kane. The chef says their focus is on offering that high quality, without overcharging people. “It’s definitely going to be high end, good quality food but at a low, affordable price,” he said.

Miller tells 47ABC that the team wanted to be able to bring something for their community to look forward to during these difficult times. “Our team wanted to do something. We love the community, we love the people. So, it was just a good time to bring something new, and now with everything with COVID going on, I think it’s just even better,” said Miller.

Kane agrees. The chef says that the main goal of the team at Oaked 110 is to provide people with a new place where they can connect with their community. “We really just want to give something back to the town and the surrounding areas as well, as a way of saying thank you, and we just want to have fun with it,” said Kane.

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