Wellness Calls for Vets

The Maryland health officials have launched a new program to help out veterans who are living with mental illness.

The program is called Operation Roll Call and it allows vets to sign up to get a wellness call.

Officials with the Behavioral Health Association say veterans experience PTSD and suicidal thoughts at higher rates than the rest of the population, so that’s why state leaders wanted to offer a way for them to stay well.

BHA official, Doctor Aliya Jones says accessing the program is easy.

“You’ll be connected with a resource coordinator who will take your information and invite you to get a phone call from the regional coordinator once a week or twice a week”,says Jones.

To participate in this program veterans will have to provide an emergency contact.

That way, if officials aren’t able to reach the veteran after three attempts, they will get in touch with the emergency contact to go check on the veteran.

If you’d like to sign up for this program, you can call 877-770-4801.

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