PRMC working on plan to resume elective surgeries amidst COVID-19

SALISBURY, Md. – Peninsula Regional Medical Center is now working on a plan to safely resume elective surgeries amidst the pandemic. This comes about 24 hours after Governor Larry Hogan gave the green light for these surgeries to be performed. PRMC began canceling elective surgeries at the end of March. Dr. Chris Snyder tells 47 ABC they hope to have a “preoperative COVID testing platform” by next week to screen patients and ensure they’re using resources like tests and PPE properly.

“We have statisticians and engineers looking at volumes so we can ensure that we can perform proper testing and not consume our testing resources that we currently have. We obviously don’t want to over shoot that and be open for everyone be tested,” says Dr. Chris Snyder, the Chief Quality Officer at PRMC.

Dr. Chris Snyder also tells 47 ABC they’re evaluating staffing needs for elective surgeries since most staff members have been reassigned to help with COVID-19.

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