Pandemic contributing to high number of stray kittens in Delaware

REHOBOTH BEACH, Del. – The coronavirus has changed a lot of things in our world, and it’s now part of the reason why some animal shelters in Delaware are seeing a high number of kittens right now.

The Delaware Humane Association tells 47 ABC that this time of the year is considered kitten season, so they usually see a high number of kittens being rescued. But this year there’s even more kittens, due in part to the coronavirus.

Because of the virus, many shelters aren’t neutering stray mom cats after they give birth to a litter, so they’re then able to get pregnant again and birth more kittens.

A representative from the Humane Association tells 47 ABC neutering surgeries aren’t happening as much, partly because of the nationwide shortage of personal protective equipment.

“There’s only so much protective equipment, and because of that we don’t want to be using it more than we have to, we want to be aware Of the fact that hospitals and things need it more than feral cats at this point in time,” Meg Searcey, Adoption Center Manager at the Delaware Humane Association, said.

With all those kittens comes a need for food and supplies, so if you’re interested in donating kitten litter or food, you can contact the Delaware Humane Association at 302- 200-7159. The shelter says while they’re in need of supplies for the kittens, they have plenty of adult dog and cat food available at their food pantry for any pet owner who needs help.

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