“It’s my turn to go”: Salisbury Mayor Jake Day announces deployment

SALISBURY, Md. – Salisbury Mayor Jake Day announced he’s deploying with the Maryland National Guard next week and while the notice was short, he says he’s been preparing for this moment.

“Today it’s my turn to go and when America calls we don’t ask for a convenient time or a comfortable time. We answer,” says Mayor Jake Day. “My role will be to serve as an information operations officer as part of an information operations or IO field support team, integrating and synchronizing various Information-Related Capabilities (IRCs).”

While details about the timeline are limited, Day says rotations last about nine to ten months and he expects to be back in about a year. “It’s busy. It’s hard work. It’s serious work. And I don’t want to shortchange that at all just as I don’t want to shortchange this work and wanted to make sure we’re well equipped. I really believe we are.”

In the meantime, current City Administrator Julia Glanz will take over as Acting Mayor on June 4th. “Mayor, I promise to you and to the citizens of Salisbury that I will give you everything I have to ensure our course remains steady,” says Glanz.

Glanz says she’s confident in carrying out the vision for the city moving forward which includes more infrastructure improvements and community development. “We have a lot of great projects downtown, making sure they move forward in a somewhat uncertain time and getting businesses back on their feet.”

City officials have been preparing for this moment since Day was elected in 2015 and he now joins a small number of mayors who have heeded the call while in office. “I’ve always had your back Salisbury and for this time I ask you to have mine. I promise I have left you with a capable team,” says Day.

Day says he plans to resume his mayoral duties when he returns from deployment and he would have about two years left in his current term.

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