Dover Mayor declares State of Emergency, puts curfew into effect

Restoring Central Dover

Dover, Del. – The city of Dover now has a curfew in effect from 9 PM Sunday to 6 AM Monday, June 1st following a protest that led to the looting of several stores at the Dover Mall.

In a statement, Mayor Robin Christiansen said, “We support the right for all citizens to peacefully protest their First Amendment rights but if it impedes or causes violence and intrusion on the rights of their fellow citizens to be safe and secure, we will take the necessary actions to maintain the peace and tranquility for the city.”

The curfew prohibits any person from being on the public streets, in public places, or in any other public place during the hours declared by the Mayor to be a period of curfew. As for traffic, in the Mayor’s declaration, it states:

  • Halt or restrict access or egress, on foot or by vehicles, upon public streets to or from the city or any part thereof, and to halt or restrict the movement of trains, automobiles, buses, trucks, or other vehicles into, within or from the city.



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