Delmarva Veteran Builders providing outdoor space for other businesses

SALISBURY, Md. – Delmarva Veteran Builders is helping other local businesses to keep their staff and customers safe with something called the Believe Marketplace. The company set up a tent in its parking lot on Market Street. They’re offering it for free it to other businesses that may need it. “We’ll follow all the CDC guidelines that are put out there and we’ll maintain social distancing, limit the number of folks that can be inside the tent. It’s just an opportunity for businesses to support other businesses,” said company president Chris Eccleston.

The company says that the extra space will help people to social distance better and is calling it the Believe Marketplace. Eccleston says right now, it’s important for the community to support each other in this kind of way. “We just want to see businesses kind of take that step and start moving forward in a safe, practical manner. We want to see consumers start to do that and right now what I think has to happen more than anything is businesses have to be supporting businesses,” said Eccleston.

The Believe Marketplace is called that because of the Believe mural that overlooks the parking lot. Eccleston says his company will provide the space for 30 days and gauge publc interest. So far, he says non-profits and a yoga class have reached out to use it.

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