Beach and boardwalk reopen in Ocean City

OCEAN CITY, Md. – “We were cooped up in the house for two months now almost and getting out is just wonderful,” said Tom Cosgrove.

Tom Cosgrove is just one of hundreds of people who got outside in Ocean City on Saturday after the resort town reopened its beaches and boardwalk to the general public over the weekend.

“It’s sunny, bright and we’re just looking for something else to do,” said Cosgrove.

“We tried to play golf potentially, but it’s too windy so we thought we’d come here,” said Cosgrove.

With the cold weather on Saturday, more people hit the boardwalk while fewer people got out on the sand.

Some also lined up for carryout at places like Thrasher’s French Fries with hopes that everyone maintains public safety.

“I just hope everyone is responsible,” said Michael Gillispie.

“I’m of course nervous about the whole situation,” said Gillispie.

In order to help keep everyone safe several different signs got installed asking everyone to practice social distancing.

Some benches also have caution tape to help keep visitors away from each other and police are patrolling to make sure they’re complying.

“Compliance is the goal and sometimes it’s education, so we’re going to make sure that we make every effort to do that and if we do that and people comply, then we’ll be able to minimize any problems,” said Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan.

But ultimately people we spoke to say they’re just grateful that they’re able to visit this part of Ocean City again.

And they hope this step to reopening will influence other surrounding beaches to do the same.

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